20 years on the market

Mar-Pol Marcin Janusz has been present on the market since 1998.


Initially, the company handled the transport and wholesale of smoked fish. Along with its development it expanded its operations to provide road haulage within the EU. Currently, the company has approximately 93 transport sets comprising a tractor unit and a refrigerated semi-trailer with a 24 t capacity

We provide refrigerated haulage services for large retail chains, as well as performing individual forwarding orders in Poland and abroad.


For 20 years we have been gaining experience and winning the trust of our customers, whom we have been supporting since the very beginnings of our operations.

Gwarantujemy profesjonalną, niezawodną i terminową realizację powierzonych zleceń transportowych pod opieką wykwalifikowanej kadry pracowników.

Due to GPS vehicle tracking and monitoring devices we retain full control over our units.

The comprehensive scope of our third-party liability insurance cover for road transport operator provides a full guarantee for the safety of the transported goods.


Moreover, we also have a quality certificate issued by IFS Logistic and we offer the highest level of transport services at a competitive price.


Our modern fleet comprises tractor units by such brands as: Volvo, Mercedes, DAF and MAN which meet the highest eco quality standards: Euro 6.


We rely on Schmitz and Krone semi-trailers, while we use thermal partition walls to create different temperature compartments for the simultaneous transport of cold and warm cargoes. Each of the semi-trailers is also equipped with a 'double floor' to enable the loading of 66 pallets containing goods.

The semi-trailers are subject to regular maintenance services, provided by Carrier and Thermo-King.


During each visit to the service workshop the temperature sensors and recorder units are carefully checked and calibrated.


We provide temperature printouts from the entire haulage cycle for each transported cargo.



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84 120 Władysławowo



tel: +48 58 671 25 24

fax: +48 58 671 64 46





Our fleet

We meet the highest eco quality standards EURO6

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