Mar-Pol - 25 years in the business

Since 1998 we have been gaining experience in refrigerated transport.
We work with large retail chains and perform individual transport orders.

We are in constant fleet and technological development. In 2023, our number of vehicles exceeded 150 sets.

We carry out transports based on the highest exhaust gas standards Euro 6 D + Euro 6 E

Since 2015, we have met the most strict transport procedures by obtaining the IFS Logistics quality certificate.

We have current AT soundproofing certificates.

We use the latest telematics and IT solutions

TMS Marcos, ZF Transics, TK Tracking, INELO 4 trans.

Two-way communication with the driver

Provides a faster and safer process of information exchange and control of transported cargo. This is helped by advanced TMS Marcos integrated with the device in the vehicle ZF Transics TX SKY / SCALAR.

All loading / unloading time information including ETA is visible to the shippers at any hour, without contact with the driver.

Transportation of goods

is carried out with the latest tractors Volvo FH, Mercedes, DAF not older than 3 years old

and Schmitz, Lamberet semi-trailers equipped with the latest, quiet and economical units Thermo King "Advancer", Carrier Vector® HE 19

At the customer's disposal we also have semi-trailers that allow the transportation of goods at two different temperatures frozen + fresh - dry in one cargo space.

With this solution, you can give up the additional transport of with separate means of transport.

All of our semi-trailers are equipped with double loading beams allowing the transportation of up to 66 pallets at a time.

The control of our cargo is supervised

by a team of experienced shippers who monitor temperature settings through modern semi-trailer telematics Thermo King Tracking which alerts

the shipper of an existing problem if an irregularity is detected. We provide temperature printouts on site from the recorder of the printer mounted on the semi-trailer.

The units are under constant care of authorized services

including additional testing of refrigerant leaks, temperature sensors are regularly calibrated. We meet the requirements of the Provincial Veterinary Inspectorate for the transportation of articles of animal origin.

Goods are secured with an additional security device on the door bolts, and the information about the opening of the door is visible to the shipper.

In the event of an emergency

our technical team is available 24 hours a day. We use the services of our service partners, who immediately proceed to remove the fault.

Our drivers are regularly trained

and controlled in terms of working time. We are assisted in this by the INELO 4Trans system, which is used by road services from many countries in Europe, including the Polish Transport Inspectorate.